10 Best Places to Study Phlebotomy

The demand for phlebotomists has increased dramatically over the years. According to Phlebotomy Examiner, this is largely a result of technological advancements in this medical specialism. Besides, the healthcare industry is experiencing a rapid growth rate.

Due to the rising demand, there has been an upsurge in the number of phlebotomy schools and training programs. Thus, it is important to ensure that you choose the right training course and school if you are interested in pursuing a career in phlebotomy.

This article covers 10 best places to study phlebotomy:

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University of Alaska

This institution is based in Fairbanks. It offers phlebotomy training for one year. The training course is divided into two parts.

  • The first half focusing on lab procedures, human anatomy and collection and management of blood specimens.
  • The other half of the training requires students to complete 100 hours of supervised hand-on work within a medical facility. It is here that they perfect venepuncture skills and get to become professional phlebotomists.

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Baker College

This largest independent college in Michigan offers both a certification program and training in phlebotomy. Venipuncture skills are learnt at the campus lab before practicing in a medical setting under supervision from healthcare professionals.

The phlebotomy technical program offered here includes an Introduction to phlebotomy and an introduction to disease and medical terminology. Students must complete general education courses alongside phlebotomy specific courses.

Madison Area Technical College

The Wisconsin-based school offers two courses.

  • An introduction to phlebotomy and phlebotomy techniques must be completed within the same semester.
  • Students are also required to complete assignments and participate in clinical rotations.

Godwin College

Located in East Hartford, Connecticut this college offers a range of healthcare and phlebotomy courses that include CPR and advanced phlebotomy skills.

Students are required to complete Principles and Practices of Phlebotomy, as well as Advanced phlebotomy skills. This is followed by an internship to gain hands-on experience by working at medical facilities under supervision.

General education requirements must also be met.

Ferris State University

Also based in Michigan, this institution’s reputation for its pharmaceutical program is undisputed. In fact, it is among the best in the country and the only accredited phlebotomy school in Big Rapids, Michigan.

The five courses that you must complete here include Introduction to Specimen Collection and Orientation to Medical Vocabulary. This institution helps students who are eligible to find internships.

Columbia Basin College

This Pasco-based college offers a phlebotomy program spanning two quarters.

  • During the first quarter, students take phlebotomy 100 and learn lab skills required to become a phlebotomist.
  • In the second quarter, they learn Phlebotomy 1001, a clinical practicum where they get to apply the skills in a medical facility.

Students must attain at least 75% or higher to pass both quarters. Among the major functions they learn include drawing blood on patients, processing specimens and conducting interviews as well as taking vital signs for blood banks.

Dixie State College of Utah

The phlebotomy program is offered here for one semester. During this time, students are equipped with lab procedures, handling specimens and overall human anatomy. This is capped with an internship to acquire hand-on experience.

Although one semester seems to be a brief period, the institution covers everything that phlebotomy student requires. Thus, it is perfect for those seeking to complete training from an accredited institution quickly.

Bellevue College

This offers a program that is completed in four quarters.

  • The curriculum comprises of 40 credit hours that cover Wellness for Healthcare, Advanced Phlebotomy and Human Systems.
  • The college offers externship consisting of a supervised clinical practicum to the advanced students that have completed all prerequisites.  

National Career Education

This Citrus Heights-based college offers courses towards becoming a certified phlebotomy technician. Their programs cover EKG technicians and lab assistants.

Students must learn a number of lab techniques as well as safety procedures. Their main focus is offering students hands-on opportunities and real support when needed.

Ultimate Medical Academy

The phlebotomy technician training offered here provides real world experience, in addition to helping prepare for phlebotomy certification.

They have a presence in Tampa and Clearwear where students receive 80 hours of hands-on experience under the supervision of medical professionals. Externships are unpaid, but students often find employment in the facilities where they train.

Overall, there are many institutions offering phlebotomy courses. Therefore, it is up to you to determine which institution is best suited for you, taking into account your career goals.


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