A Class Act: Practical Apps for Planning Your Days and Getting Straight A’s

With the levels of chronic stress among students on the rise in recent years, it’s clear to see that today’s students are under more pressure than ever before. From friendships to puberty to getting good grades, there’s a huge array of things students are likely to get stressed about, leaving many to feel burnt out and exhausted before exam season has even begun.

Due to the sheer amount that today’s teens are forced to think about, planning and staying organized can often seem like an impossible challenge. But, with planning suggested as one of the top methods to manage and reduce stress, putting some time aside to plan your days as a student may not be such a bad idea.  Weather Live Free- screenshot

So, if you’re a stressed-out student desperate to start planning whilst still achieving those straight A’s, here are some practical apps you can use specifically built for this purpose.

iStudiez Pro

The perfect option for planning virtually every aspect of your studying life, iStudiez Pro will manage everything from your upcoming assignments to your everyday class schedule.

What makes this app stand out is that it’s specifically designed for school organization, meaning it’s not ‘just another’ planning app. So, with its emphasis on school-related management tools, you’ll have everything you need to keep on top of your tests and allocate enough time to study around your existing classes.

Weather Live Free

The majority of people underestimate how powerful the weather and temperature can be on not only your mood but stress levels too. It’s no secret that, if you find yourself stuck inside studying on a hot sunny day, you’re more likely to feel like you’re missing out which could distract you and make your study session completely pointless.

So, Weather Live Free will not only give you accurate, up-to-date forecasts but will also allow you to use this app instead of a thermometer to measure the current outdoor temperature. With this information, you can plan your study schedule around the weather, meaning you’re a lot less likely to be stuck inside feeling sweaty and miserable on hot days.


Especially appropriate for college students, Mint is one of the best money-management apps out there. College can be an extremely expensive time so, if you don’t manage your funds properly, you could find yourself completely broke which will do nothing to improve your stress levels.

User-friendly and colorful to look at, Mint allows you to organize your transactions into different categories, giving you a much better idea of how you’re spending your money. You can also set personal spending limits, bill reminders and even create your very own spending report, giving everything you need to budget and manage your money throughout the expensive college years.

Maintaining a good social life, keeping your stress under control and achieving straight A’s would be tough for even the most organized of people. But, with the above apps downloaded and ready to use, you’ll have a variety of helping hands for both organizing and maintaining a realistic schedule!

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