Best Shoes for the College-Bound

College is an exciting time. Kids learn independence, what the future might hold for them and experience the opportunity to build relationships that can last a lifetime. Why shouldn’t they be comfortable on campus?  Packing shoes for their first week of college involves finding the best styles combined with quality construction and comfort. Here are what college kids are wearing these days. They are giving five-star reviews to these shoes.

Campus Casuals

What you wear to class, the library and around campus has got to be comfortable.  For men the Dallas style casual shoe offers durability so your kids on a budget won’t have to keep buying new pairs, and they look great. Most importantly, they are comfortable, offering the best foot support for heavy walking to and from the dorm. Sneakers scream childish. The Dallas from Walking Company makes an adult statement.

Special Occasions

Every now and then there will be a need for suit and tie and shoes that fit your formal wear. Make sure your college-bound student has the best in sleek black dress shoes. Those important occasions require a quick polish when attending special seminars and formal student parties.

Staying Fit

While on campus, college kids still need to stay active. Burying their noses in books is necessary most of the time, but there needs to be some physical workout as well. Packing a pair of great athletic shoes ensures they will take to the basketball court or even go for a jog. Exercise is as essential to good grades as studying.

Dorm Slippers

For bumming around the dorm room slippers are in order. Pick out a pair with extra soft and thick lining to keep feet warm in drafty frat houses. Slippers made with arch supports also give the foot balance even though your college kids are just relaxing in their rooms.  Look for durable non-skid soles to prevent slipping.

Great Deals on College Student Shoes

Setting aside an extra suitcase just for shoes should not be embarrassing. After all, you need a variety of footwear to meet the demands of campus life. Use these money-saving coupons from Walking Company to equip your college-bound student with the best in comfortable shoes.

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