Brief history of funeral and why it is important

In almost every culture and tradition, funeral is considered as a very important part and it is believed that dead should get a proper funeral, so that their soul rests in peace. Funeral is almost as old as civilization but the method is not always the same. In past or in the very beginning of civilization people used to buried with antlers and flowers but as the time passed and other religion got introduced different cremation processes are used to bury the dead such as in Hinduism people burn the body of dead and in other religions the body is buried in grave.Image result for funeral

History of funeral

When it comes to funeral, there are three basic rituals that are followed in almost every religion such as perform the last rites, buried the body in sacred place and organize the memorial in the memory of dead. If you live in Huntsville you also get the funeral home where you can keep the body of the dead, so that everyone who wants to see the person last time can see him/her. Huntsville funeral home is also a sacred place where all the last rituals are performed under the guidance of priest and in the name of God. Last rituals in funeral are considered very important before the burial and its importance can be seen throughout the history such as in around 300 BC Native Americans keep the jewelry and other good with the person and buried all these with the but nowadays Native Americans keep the body in casket and bury the body in graveyard where all the dead are rested. Last rituals before burial are also considered as important because in many religions and traditions it has been believed that if dead person doesn’t receive proper funeral then their body don’t rest in peace and they come back to haunt.

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