Check Out Different Codes in GST in Educational Services

GST has been confusing for many people in the beginning, but now there are many aspects which are clearly explained. Here you will be knowing about the rate of the GST for the education services. All the goods are provided with the code HSN and as well the services are provided with the code SAC. And there are even different slab rates which are fixed and now it is per the slab rates and the code, the GST rates are calculated. It is while speaking about the preprimary education, there are no chances for the GST here as it is not applicable and for the primary education the SAC code is 999220.  In general, it is for education, the SAC code is the 9992.

Services with GST Exemption:

There are few services which the educational institutions will provide like the transportation and as well many other schemes like the mid-day meal and cleaning services, security and much more. There are even few examinations which are conducted by the schools for admission of the students. All these are exempted from the GST. Besides, these all the services which are provided by the Indian institute management schools are even exempted from the GST.

There are even many other services which are which has different GST rate. When it comes to the higher education, there are different codes and even slab rates accordingly for the general technical and as well for the vocational courses.  When it comes for the specialized education services, then the slab rate is 18%. All the other training and any other educational services are provided in this rate only and there is no need to bother much to check what is the slab rate that falls under GST. For the fellow programs integrated programme management, there are different codes that are provided.

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