Creative science workshop – Entertain your child and learn about science and maths.

Of all the subjects in school, science is the most creative. Creative Science workshops offer an extraordinary strategy of engaging young minds with the wealth of science and assisting them to understand clearly the world around them. It awakens the innate creativity of the students.

Two-fold objectives

  1. To provide straightforward picture of present and possible depiction of happenings together their consequences and the related options and risks in the learning crossroads of mathematics and science; as well as pre-school creativity to include also early primary education years up to 8-year old pupils; and
  2. To change the knowledge produced via channel into a solid concrete contribution to instruction given to staff of preschool and teachers of the primary school to empower in the exploitation of their possible creativity they acquired from early learning of science and mathematics.

Science Creative Workshops

During summer time, kids have to acquire new skills and activities. It is the right time for kids to know something new. So many schools and centers organized workshops for kids to explore their creative side. These science based workshops assist young minds to become masters in the area of science.

Some interesting topics

  • Amazing science for kids

Learn all kinds of amazing science facts about the weather, wild animals, highly radioactive metals, odorous flowers and more. Get the most from kids’ activities as well as unique images, extraordinary trivia, cool videos and others. You have free access to resources used by teachers that provide parents and children to explore the amazing world of science.

  • Robots for kids

Robotic topics are so interesting such as artificial intelligence and the total circuits. Enjoy videos and pictures of the coolest robots around. For more activities, there are lesson plans and worksheets for teachers. Parents are provided ideas and a whole host of free teaching resources for anyone interested in learning about robots and science online.

  • Technology for kids

All kids love computers, cell phones, engineering and all kinds of interesting technology topics. Activities for children are integrated in the lesson plans for teachers with ideas disseminated for parents. Free teaching resources are given to anyone interested in technology and learning about science online.

  • Weather for kids

Climate change is the challenge. Young minds should be keen about clouds, rain, wind, snow and all kinds of interesting weather topics. Activities are not only for kids but there are plenty of lesson plans and worksheets for teachers. Parents too are given ideas plus whole host of free teaching resources for anyone interested in the science subject of weather.

Benefits for those attending science workshops

  1. Sharpen skills to learn new ideas and approaches to science and math.
  2. Meet experts and influencers face-to-face.
  3. Grow in an entirely new space.
  4. Network to mix and mingle with others.
  5. Explore new ways of working.
  6. Break out of your comfort zone.
  7. Get greater focus on important matters.
  8. Absorb the energy of like-minded individuals.
  9. Get access to pre-conference workshops:
  10. Have fun!

Attending a creative science workshop is a good way to entertain your child and to learn about science and maths. But the benefits also include your own to get wider perspective on how your life is effective by science.

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