Getting It Together: Helpful Apps for Today’s Tech Obsessed Students

Students in this century have the benefits of wireless technology and dozens of apps to help them with their schoolwork. Most kids have smartphones or tablets and take advantage of the homework assistance various apps provide. From learning a second language to scanning important documents, there’s an app to speed up the process and lessen the workload. The students in your family will benefit from using the following apps.Image result for Getting It Together: Helpful Apps for Today's Tech Obsessed Students

Apps For Students

Your phone or tablet can do the work of a school library by providing you with a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and hundreds of research volumes to make your assignments easier to complete. Everything you need is at your fingertips. A handy free call recording app makes it easy to store information, dates, and phone numbers you receive on the phone, and it provides both auto and manual recording options. Have a fellow classmate explain a difficult concept over the phone, record, and then listen as you are doing your homework. Record all your conversations for easy information retrieval at a more convenient time.

Scanner Pro

This app for either iPhone or Android makes studying and research a lot easier. If you dread the idea of taking pages of research notes at the library, you can relax. Scanner Pro turns your phone into a scanner for multi-page documents, receipts, or a single paragraph. This amazing app detects borders and corrects any distortion. You can share your scans with friends, upload them, or send them through email. Stay organized and always have important documents available at a moment’s notice with Scanner Pro. The price is $3.99.

iStudiez Pro

Never be late with an assignment again. Your iStudiez Pro app assists with the management of your homework and class assignments. Check the overview of each day’s schedule and the assignments that are due. With the iStudiez app, you’ll have a structured picture of your class schedule and be able to organize your projects by due dates. You can also calculate your grades and keep track of your grade point average (GPA). The colorful graphics and display make the app easy to use, and it’s available for iPhone. Android, and Windows. The price for iStudiez is $2.99.


The free RefMe app is indispensable when writing papers and dissertations. College students sometimes feel like they are plagued with an enormous amount of required writing. Use your phone’s camera to scan any book’s barcode. This amazing app will assemble citations and bibliographies for you. With a simple tap you can cite books, educational journals, and even professional websites. All citations will be formatted according to the style manual your school uses, such as MLA, Harvard, or Chicago. There are over 7000 styles to choose from. RefMe is a must have app for the “less than organized” student who needs a little help with the challenge citations and bibliographies pose.

Modern technology has made studying and organizing easier than ever. Download these apps and discover how they can help you be a better student.

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