Higher Education Institutes start to offer Cannabis Bachelor Degrees

This may be a strange area to study, but a cannabis degree is becoming one of the fastest growing subjects of study in the USA. This is partly due to the relaxation of the various rules and regulations regarding its use across the country. One such University that is offering a marijuana based degree is Dunlap-Stone University in Phoenix. And yes, this is one of the institutes which is putting the “high” into higher education.

The renowned university will start to offer this course to cannabis enthusiasts who are looking to study this wonderful substance in greater detail. Areas of study will include the latest cannabinoid medical techniques, as well as studying cannabis based therapies and their benefits, which will allow you to go on and offer these treatments to people looking to use these modern methods for their various ailments.

The cannabis element of the course can also be combined with existing degrees such as “Bachelor of Health Administration” which allows you to specialize in cannabinoids. It is also possible to combine the cannabis element with other degrees such as a traditional Business degree.

The president of the Dunlap-Stone University said that cannabis will be the substance that will play a prominent role in the future, and as a forward-looking university, they want to give their students the opportunity to study cannabis in greater detail.

The president said it is not just about growing cannabis anymore – it’s a science. There is a lot of science behind choosing the right strain for the ailment you are looking to treat, and it is essential to have this knowledge to ensure the treatment options you offer can be effective.

Issues that will be raised include the various recent medical uses for cannabis and the research that is ongoing now. There will also be a dedicated area for legal issues and looking at the cannabis industry as a whole.

While gaining a qualification in cannabis is a good start, the university want to go further by trying to secure a job or an offer of employment in the industry by increasing the student’s employability. Nobody wants to hire someone who just enjoys cannabis and has no interest in advancing research and taking a real interest in the science.

While the cannabis industry is a tough industry to get into, the number of jobs becoming available is increasing year on year. But, in order to maximize your chances of getting into the industry, it is important to study cannabis at a renowned educational institute to equip yourself with the necessary information and knowledge to be a success.

You can find out more information at a local dispensary (use the dispensaries near me tool) and they should have some information about getting into the industry.

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