How to get distraction out of your way while studying

Guess what’s the biggest challenge to good concentration?
Of course it is distraction. With a determined mind you think of studying with concentration for a couple of hours, you reach your study table, take your books and you are reading from your text book, trying to understand the derivation of a complex physical reaction. 10 minutes have passed and slowly you start getting bored and all sorts of thoughts start appearing in your head. Suddenly, looking at a wall is also more interesting. You’ll do everything in your reach to create a perfect excuse for not studying.Related image

These are all signs of distraction and getting distracted is a human nature. There is nothing you can do to eliminate it from your head completely. However, what you can do is fool your mind with strategies and tactics that will insulate your mind from running at unnecessary places.
Use these methods to not get distracted while studying.

One aspect of avoiding distraction is to enhance your concentration through increased motivation. Different people do different things to stay motivated. I know a friend who goes to visit an orphanage to get motivation. He says being among people with different circumstances motivates him to do better in his work. Another person I know watches movies to gain motivation.
There’s one way that science has justified to be effective in increasing motivation at multiple levels. Music has a significant impact on everyone’s lives depending on their circumstances and the type of music they listen to.

Check the 10 most impactful movies for motivation  and use them to trigger the fire in your belly.


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