How To Increase Marks In JNTU Exams?

As a student, you will be already aware that JNTU is a popular University in India for Engineering Students. Each year, many students studying here are keen to score high marks to land in a high paying job position. Even though, they can pass the JNTU exams easily, achieving good marks depends on factors, such as how the student presents the paper and provides answers to the questions. Find below some useful tips to prepare well in advance for the exams and to handle each question paper to get more marks.

Scoring high in JNTU exams

Students can get regular updates about the exams and results at the website o JNTU World. They can then follow the tips to score very high marks.

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  • Make sure that you go through the question paper fully and then select those questions for which you know the answer.
  • Draw clear and thin margins and then proceed to answer the questions.
  • Answer all the questions that you are thorough with and make sure all the points are mentioned correctly.
  • Explain the answer in a precise way in the first paragraph and then proceed to write sub headings with the apt explanation.
  • If an answer has a circuit diagram or other diagrams, then use it in the middle of your answer. Draw neatly with a sharp tipped pencil and add a title and mark the parts clearly.
  • If you are asked to write the syntax or a program, then add it in the answer’s mid part. Write the codes of the program correctly while mentioning its output and input.
  • Make sure that the first page is written in a neat fashion, as it can create a good impression in the eyes of the faculty.
  • Always present the answer fully with all essential sub headings, quotes and syntax. Do not waste the papers in your answer booklet, as it can create a negative impression. Use up to 8 papers for the answers in the first part and then proceed to answer the other questions in the next sheets.

Lastly, read all the answers you have written and check whether it has the right question number.

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