How to inspire your work with sources from unexpected places.

Being able to successfully find appropriate sources is often a student’s biggest downfall. This is a short article which might give you some new ideas when it comes to finding trustworthy academic papers and publications, in places you might not have looked before.

  1. Amazon and EBay

– Yep, this is a random one we know. Has the ‘recommended for you’ on these websites ever tempted you to spend more of your student loan than you should? Well now it is time to have them work to your advantage. Your module guide has key sources in it, type these into Amazon or EBay and take a look at the ‘others also bought’ area. It might take you a couple of attempts but we guarantee that sooner rather than later you’ll start being recommended some reputable source material to use when writing your assignments.

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This website is an invaluable place to find reputable source material. Throughout your degree it can get you out of more than one tight spot when it comes to meeting a deadline. The website itself is kind of like an academic Wikipedia where everyone and anyone can post their attempts at answering university level essay questions. Whilst there might be a few poorly written essays on the site, if you can identify the well written pieces you will also be able to have a look at their bibliographies.  There is a search function which means you can really narrow down what area of a subject you are interested in however that’s not even the best part, it’s also free!

  1. Essay writing companies

There are many companies, such as Ivory Research, who will be able to help you find the sources you need to tackle your assignments. They provide a wide range of services including being able to create you a bespoke annotated bibliography and dissertation writing services to give you an insight in to what your work should look like. This would mean that a subject specialist will be able to assess your specific essay question and identify what the key sources are when it comes to being able to answer your question to the best of your ability.  This service really can give you that extra boost when it comes to sitting down and writing your essay. Imagine not having to worry about trawling through library books or not feeling nervous that you might not have used the right materials for your work. Annotated bibliographies can really work to take a weight off of your mind. Even the most cash strapped students can make the most of Ivory Research, who often run a promotion which offers students 5 focussed quotations for absolutely free!

Hopefully this article will have made you think twice about how you find your sources and might have given you some lesser known ways of identifying worthy source material. It is important to remember that not all of your reference material is going to be available in the library, so you may have to be creative when looking elsewhere. Good luck on your search, we hope you’ll find all the sources you need for your essays!


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