How to pick the best school for your guitar lesson

Guitar is a very popular musical instrument and many people want to become proficient in it. But to learn to play guitar well, you will first have to find a capable teacher or better yet an institute where they teach you how to play it.

Who to choose?

Observe the teaching style of the teacher. Is it casual or rigorous? A good teacher will always try to be creative while teaching guitar lessons and if you want to learn a lot in short time span, find a school in which teachers will keep you on your toes. Try to seek answers to questions like-

  1. Does the teacher make eye contact?
  2. Is he or she interested in answering your queries?
  3. Does the teacher have a sense of humor?
  4. Does he have enough knowledge about guitar lessons?

What is the teaching style?

Some teachers enjoy active playing or recording schedule in a studio. This means that they are passionate enough to teach guitar lessons. You can also learn to play professional tracks during this time. It gives you confidence and zeal.

Where is the school located?

Is location important to you? Some people don’t mind driving for two hours to learn guitar lessons in their favorite school. But most of the time, they end up getting exhausted and especially when you have a hectic weekday routine, for working individuals, it becomes pretty tiring. So, it’s recommended that you try to choose the nearest possible school to your location. And if not, home-schooling is not a bad idea if you have a guitar of your own.


Find a teacher who goes one step at a time with you and works by setting goals. A goal-setter will make you more punctual in your guitar lessons. Try to complete all home works and goals on time in order to be in the good books of your teacher.


Consider your budget. Most of the experienced schools tend to charge more. Taking lessons from a low budget school might be nice for the short term but if you want to learn guitar deeply, investing with a school with strong teachers might be worth it!

Final Thoughts-

Dedication and personality are the main qualities to look for in a guitar teacher. Besides having credentials and experience, you’ll want to have a teacher who connects well with you and is understanding. You’ll surely have a good time once you find a good school. Happy learning!


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