Previous Steps to Elaborate an Essay

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The first thing you should know is that an essay is a wording that consists of translating an opinion of some subject. When speaking of an opinion, it is evident that we must carefully shape our ideas so that the message is not understood. To do this, please note:

  • Type of test: There are two types of tests. The literary and the academic. Although both are in summary: essay, each one keeps in itself an aesthetic and scriptural form.
  • The communicative intension: There will be another distinction of the types test. This coupled with how you present the subject. So there are different types of essays: expository, argumentative and critical.

Or a) The expository essay: Its intention is to expose the ideas of determinate subject. It is characterized by qualifying this information with the interpretation and analysis of the author. Those can be people. But what stands out from this type of texts, is its eminently descriptive character.

Or b) The argumentative essay: This will have as its purpose to defend a thesis or hypothesis with arguments. These arguments must be supported by references or references of weight, that is, you need reliable and reliable sources of information to ensure the truth or not of the subject to work. To do this, the author must thoroughly investigate so that his essay has all the essential credentials for a serious essay to be cataloged.

Or (c) The critical essay: This type of essay will draw on both exposure and argumentation to describe or analyze an idea, fact or event. It is characterized by being a text in which the author is imminent when making value judgments, so it is recommended if it were to be done, we must know in depth the topic to give an opinion.

  • Investigate: Once you have selected the topic and the focus you want to give your essay, in fact, you document about everything related to the topic. Store information and discard the one that does not suit you. This step will make you ask some questions, you will clarify some opinions or previous judgments, but above all it will make you more competent when it comes to writing.
  • Organize ideas: You can use as study techniques, the creation of mental or conceptual maps, underlining, abstract, among others, to hierarchize the information. In this way you can consider a possible order and achievement of idea. This step is important because it will give clarity to the text. Many times we have a lot of information that in the end you do not know how to translate it, and the essay ends up becoming a salad. Therefore it is recommended to take into account the achievement and relation of ideas.
  • Try to write your first professional writing: Remember that a essay is not the first. Based on your notes, make some first drafts. We read aloud, and observe and there is clarity in ideas, and if they express themselves. Remember that your potential readers will not know the subject as much as you do, so I suggest not leaving empty, loose or inconclusive ideas that suddenly you understand, but your recipients do not. Through the prewriting exercise, your final essay will become more solid and competent. You just have to try our website .
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