Problems Recruiters Face Each Day

Are you a recruiter or wanting to be one? Being in the recruitment industry like has many benefits, for example one of the most favourable benefits is that you usually make commission when you’re able to find someone a job, not only this but being a part of a ‘sales’ environment has it’s many benefits, especially when applying for a new job. And finally another benefit of the recruitment industry is that it normally pushes you to try and work harder as you will most likely be having a friendly competition with your co-workers.

However, being in the recruitment industry isn’t as easy as it seems; there are many challenges which recruiters face and here are just some of them:

  1. Candidates – As you already probably know candidates are essential to placing people and getting commission. Many recruiters face a lack of good quality candidates, however with this we always advise recruiters to use social media to the max. For example, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for finding possible candidates which will fit a job role.
  2. Competition – When I say competition I don’t just mean your fellow co-workers, but I mean the thousands of other recruitment industries in the country, not to mention internal recruiters and even advertising and social media sites which companies normally go to first. So what is the solution to this? Well you must not only sell the job role, but sell yourself and your agency because then they’re more likely to come to you over someone else.
  3. Client Information – Have you got a client who simply isn’t sharing enough information with you, making it impossible to find the right candidate for the job? Well there are a few things which you can do to ensure that you get everything you need. Firstly, you should also ask as many questions, not just about the role but about the company and about what kind of person they see fulfilling the role.
  4. Branding – Many recruiters fail due to having a weak agency brand or even a weak personal brand. If this if you then we advise you take time and build up your social platforms, join forums, write blogs and promote yourself everywhere.
  5. Candidates Interview – When it comes to interviewing your candidates make sure they’re interviewed fast. Why is this? Well if they aren’t and the interview isn’t a good experience and rather boring, or they don’t like how un-professional it was then they could possibly go and find another agency or interview.
  6. Changing – Like every industry changes, so does recruitment. Therefore, we advise all recruiters to keep up to date with on-going trends and ensure that they’re skilled and keep learning.
  7. Expectations – Many client’s expectations are unreal, therefore this can fail the recruiter because either they don’t want to tell the client the expectations are unreal and never find a candidate for the job, or the recruiter tells them and the client isn’t happy. So when you’re faced with this always explain your concern about the unreal expectations, don’t tell the client you can’t do it, just simply say why it might not work and give them reasons why.

As you can see there are plenty of things which recruiters face on a day to day basis, however this is still one of the best jobs to have not to mention we have helped you out by giving you a few solutions to the problems.

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