Some of the Creative Activities to Do With Your Kids

Kids can be fun to hang out with, listening to their ideas and questions about this and that. Most of the time they just want to play and repeat the same activities over and over. For an adult it can get very boring, really quick having to repeat the same thing. So how do you spend hours with your child staying active and keeping them engaged?

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Slime making is perfect as a do it yourself craft. You can easily learn how to make slime off the internet. With the right ingredients you can make the slime perfectly at home. The slime can be made to form different types that you should definitely try.

  • Rainbow slime – this is colorful and you can use different color combinations that you and your kid can play with.
  • Glitter slime – by adding sparkles, your kid will enjoy the glitter.
  • Galaxy slime – will give you a spacey look of the galaxy.
  • Chia seed slime – it is very safe to play with as the recipe is edible just in case they try.
  • Glow in the dark slime – this is super fun and can keep them so busy especially at night, though it may make bedtime a little difficult.
  • Polka dot slime – super fun and you can have different colors to make it more fun for the kids.
  • Minion slime – kids love minions; you can make yellow slime then add some wraps around it with googly eyes to make minions.

Mini volcanoes

Kids love making a mess whenever they are playing. This is a fun explosive experiment that they can learn and have fun with. It’s going to make a mess so it’s best to have them play in a contained area. This way you don’t have to worry about them spilling all over the house and making a huge mess.


Cutting and gluing stuff will keep your kids busy any day. Find colorful pieces of paper or paper and water color together with pictures to get the fun started.

Fairy garden

Kids love to get their hands dirty almost all the time. The weekends and holidays can be long and you don’t want them to idle around since odds are that they are going to find a way to make a mess. Get them involved in a fun gardening project. This means buying them small tools and then teach them as you do your own gardening. You also want to add some pixie dust which is basically glitter. They will enjoy adding decorations and coming to water their plants whenever possible.

Family tree

Another fun project that is very educational to them. They will learn about where they came from and know their relatives as well. you can use the family tree to give them tales and stories about your family on both sides. This could be done using simple drawings and color charts or just attaching the pictures of relatives to the tree branches. You can print out the pictures and label them using tags or names.

Book of faces

This is a good way of letting your children express how they feel. You can help them make different types of facial expressions. It can be funny faces that they can laugh about. You can also use when they are angry or sad to get in touch with their feelings. When you don’t know what is wrong they can point out which expression or feeling they are experiencing and they can communicate to you what the issue is.

Shell math game

This is a perfect memory game. With collected shells, you can use them to teach them math. They can easily learn to count. This can be done outdoors so that they don’t feel the pressure of being stuck inside to learn or do their homework.

Nail polish

Other than painting their names, nail polish can be used to make colorful art pieces. Using different colors, you can mix them in water and then use it to make colorful paintings.

DIY necklaces

Teaching your kids to make their own things is super fun. Simple skills like making necklaces uses beads and shells is very easy. They can make them as presents and gifts for to their friends.

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