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Studying is for everyone no matter the age, that is a rule. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, learning is available for every age. Besides the astounding rainforests and breathtaking beaches that Malaysia owns, this country can provide you an impressive selection of great universities to choose from.

Peninsular Malaysia is the place where the top-ranked universities in Malaysia exist, along with the amazing urban sceneries. In Malaysia can be found a decent number of international universities, whose aim is to enlarge and improve the interest in higher education.

There are campuses managed by the United Kingdom, such as the University of Nottingham, or Australia’s Monash University. There are many students from Bulgaria using the iHerb BG code for affordable health products. Of course, there is also a special iHerb Malaysia coupon for all residents in Malaysia. University Malaya, or for short UM, is the oldest and highest-ranked university from Malaysia in the global top, situating on the 114th place and it is found in central Kuala Lumpur.

Over 3,500 international students are taking their classes here, with a total of circa 17,800 students. UM appeared in the global 400 universities for 28 out of 46 subjects, including electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

University Putra Malaya

University Putra Malaya, or UPM, is the second-ranked as the best university after UM and is considered one of the best research universities in the country. UPM is situated in Serdang, teaching for 25,628 students.

University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is ranked 253rd in the world’s top, and it is the oldest engineering university in the entire country. UTM is specialized in technical studies and provides impressive engineering courses.

This is revealed in the students’ rate of graduation and in the ease of finding well-payed jobs. It also offers studies in mechanical engineering, electrical and chemical engineering.

UTM provides after-hours courses for the students that have special needs or simply need a better understanding of the subjects.

USM or University Sains Malaysia

USM or University Sains Malaysia is the university where science finds its home. Ranked 264th in the world for its chemical and mining engineering courses. USM owns three campuses for different purposes.

The first one is situated in Penang, the health campus the second one in Kelantan and the last one in NibongTibal, serving the students who study engineering.

The university is planning to open a worldwide campus that will be placed in the capital. Besides the universities presented above, there are a lot of private ones, some having programs that accept studies in two separate places, whether in Malaysia or other countries.

Now that the best universities of Malaysia have been highlighted prepare yourself for an intense period of studying and choose the right university for you.

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