Tips for College Freshmen

Have you just finished four rigorous years of high school and are heading off to the college of your dreams in the fall? Congratulations to you on all of your hard work and pursuing your academic and professional aspirations. The prospect of leaving home for college can be both exciting and intimidating. It’s a time of huge transition and change. Whether you’re heading hundreds of mile away or attending college in your home state, the changes are still huge for any young student. Follow these recommendations from the college admissions counselors to ensure your freshman semester is a huge success!

Commit to spending time during the summer reviewing the information you received at orientation or with your admissions packet. Familiarize yourself with the course selections and correspond with your academic advisor prior to making your class selections. They’ll be able to best advise you based on the credits posted for advanced courses in high school and those needed to fulfill general education requirements for your selected major. Step out of your comfort zone and chose classes that you’re not familiar with but could potentially spark a new interest. Begin to pack for dorm life. Don’t forget to take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and pack plenty of PJs and loungewear available from Victoria’s Secret.

If you have already been assigned a roommate, reach out to them and begin to establish a connection. After reviewing the housing policies and items provided and allowed in the dorm rooms, decide, together with your roommate, who will bring which shared items.  When you arrive on campus and begin to set up your dorm room, it will be nice to have already established a connection with your roommate. Everyone has different qualities and gifts; your roommate does not need to be your new best friend, but certainly be genuine and respectful. It will make your semester a whole lot better if you’re able to get along with your roommate. This is part of the growth and maturity process that is part of the college experience.

Commit to reaching out to each of your professors during the first week of classes. Meet with them during their office hours to introduce yourself. Should you run into difficulties with the course materials, you’ll be thankful that you’ve already established a relationship with your professor. Rest assured they will appreciate your interest and initiative. Success in college is all about time management. There are endless social and extra-curricular activities available for student of all interests. Choose wisely and explore areas and topics unfamiliar to you. No where will you have a greater opportunity to explore and uncover varied interests than on a large college campus.

Finally, stay connected with your support system. No doubt there were numerous teachers, friends and family members, beyond your parents, that were instrumental in helping you achieve your goal and arriving prepared to excel at college level instruction. They want to support you, hear your stories and share in your genuine enthusiasm. Call when events are new, exciting or you need an extra dose of support. Rest assured they will always be here for you. Best of luck for a successful freshman year!


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