Top 5 Ways to Boost your English Skills and Become Popular

One of the biggest problems that the Thai students face when going abroad for studies is the language barrier. Even though the primary education in Thailand does consist of English as a subject, it remains a fact that many of the local students struggle with fluency in English. And, knowing English is important for studying abroad. However, there is no reason to be disheartened or discouraged as there are possibly endless ways you can improve your English, gradually, substantially and surely, with time.

One of the superior qualities you need to have to improve your English, even after you know all the tips and methods to improve your grasp of the English language, is persistence. You would have to constantly try different ways to understand and talk English better and expand your vocabulary.

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Here, we have mentioned few ways you can improve your English easily and quickly. The amount of time it takes you depends on your basic understanding of English from the past and how determined you are to master the language. Some of the students who have previous basic English education experience don’t have to struggle hard to achieve fluency in English, but students who have negligible knowledge of English would take a relatively longer time. Here are the few ways you can improve your English –

Read As Much As You Can

It is important that you read books, newspapers, magazines and so on, more often than you used to. The results are not visible immediately, but it does expand your vocabulary, without you even realizing it over time.

Take Classes

Taking English learning classes is one of the simplest ways to increase your fluency in spoken and written English. There are many language courses offered by the foreign universities, and you must take advantage of it for signing up for such classes. It would increase the speed at which you have a tight grasp on the subject.

Network With People Who Speak English

If you are always with your Thai friends when studying abroad, you will end up speaking in the Thai language, and this is going to do no good to your English skills. You must make it a point to hang out with friends who speak English to improve your grasp of the language. It would also improve your confidence in spoken English. It is a gradual process, so sooner you start, better it is.

Download English Learning App

There are many English learning phone applications that you can download and practice. It would improve your English skills and help you learn new words and common phrases.

Carry A Dictionary

Make sure that you take a dictionary with you always so that you can find out the meaning of the words you don’t understand quickly. Noting down strong words and using it in your vocabulary on purpose is also a good way to continue to improve your English speaking and written skills over time.

These are the few ways you can improve your English skills, which would also help you become famous as it would help you communicate with others efficiently.

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