Use a VPN to Make Yourself Anonymous When Surfing the Web

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Do you and your family know how much data or personal information can be found every time you or someone in your family simply spends the evening surfing the internet? Would you believe it; if you are told that everyone will be able to see your ISP or internet service provider? And a browser developer would be able to surf your data and any random website would be able to access:

  • Your IP device
  • Your location
  • Personal information?


Now you may be thinking that you have your home system so safe that no one can get any information from your family’s computers! But, your students know a lot more about computers than you do and can go almost anywhere they want without your little security features stopping or protecting them.


Our kids learn so much in school; they are way ahead of us in their computer knowledge. They have a mobile phone device so they can get on the internet at almost any donut or coffee shop and probably also at school.

Virtual Private Network

Have you ever heard or read about VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is a secure tunnel between 2 or more devices. Express VPN creates a secure tunnel between your computer, or iPad or handheld device and the internet and this allows you and your family to surf or do anything on the internet anonymously from wherever you want.

What VPN can hide

Here is what a VPN can do for you and your smart student when you all are on the internet:

  • Hide your IP and location
  • Encrypt your communications which protects all your data
  • Watch your favorite content

Unblocking and unrestricted access

It can provide unblocked and unrestricted access to all sites as well as services that you use – and you can use it from anywhere. It keeps your home computers and your student’s handheld devices protected against thieves and hackers.

Premium VPN

You can get a VPN anytime you logon to the internet – many are free. But free VPNs are in reality even more dangerous than not using a VPN because you have no idea who is actually collecting your data in the background. To truly be safe get a premium VPN account; which offers far more protection.

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