Why are Students So Obsessed with Essay Writing?

Today, essay writing is an intrinsic part of any given coursework. Take Engineering – where you have research papers and scientific essays to deal with. Even take the final semesters of high school – you are supposed to write essays on a variety of topics related to the curriculum subjects. Educationists see it as a practical way of self-study that can enhance creativity, critical thinking, and general writing skills in students. When they themselves approach a topic and assimilate information, they are in a better position to tackle and solve problems in the real world.

However, nowadays there is a sense of obsession in students when it comes to assignments. A recent upward trend is observed where students stress themselves over these assignments – panicking and making a fuss about it. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this obsession, one that can have adverse effects on students’ lives at a later stage (professional phase). Even if they take external assistance from an essay writer for hire, these effects may still linger.Image result for Why are Students So Obsessed with Essay Writing?

If you are a student who has similar experiences or preconceptions about essay writing, here are few causes and solutions to consider. The key is to identify the issues and then find a solution for them.

Top Reasons Why Students Are Obsessed with Essay Writing

Inability to Work on Other Tasks

A student’s life is filled with numerous tasks related to his/her academics. Assignment writing is not the only task; projects, exams, unit tests, extra-curricular activities, and personal development activities are some other more important tasks that a student has to manage during his/her high school or college life. When a student is assigned an essay on a certain topic, he/she instantly perceives it as a humongous task – one that requires extensive research and hours of writing – which is true. This very perception is the cause of obsession, one that must be mitigated in order to succeed.

  • Solution

Stop seeing essay writing assignments as a huge task. Consider them as one of the several other academic tasks that you get while in high school or college. Just start working on the essay as soon as you get it because we all know that starting is often the most difficult thing. Practice time management to make your life easier.

Fear of Embarrassment

More than half of the students in a classroom fear the possibility of being embarrassed by their teachers in from of their classmates. The reason? A low-quality essay or the belief that the essay one has written is not up to the mark. This can be dangerous as it directly attributes to low self-esteem and lack of worth in one’s own actions or capabilities in a student.Image result for Why are Students So Obsessed with Essay Writing?

Fear of embarrassment may feel like a valid factor but one that is unnecessary. If you have written an essay after taking some genuine efforts, then you have all the right to submit it to your teacher and get feedback.

  • Solution

One should not be afraid of making mistakes. As a student, you are still understanding the world, and no one expects you to be perfect. So, put efforts into what you do and do it with conviction.

The Final Score is Based on It

One other important factor that hounds students is the fear of securing low marks. Essay assignments are graded based on their quality, research work, the writing, and a series of other important factors. So, students feel that if they don’t do well in their assignments they will end up getting a low final score.

This is not fully true. While an essay’s score is added to the final marks, it only has a smaller part to play. The majority of your marks depends on how well you perform on your final exams and projects. There’s no point in fretting over your essays, which contribute less than 5% to your final score.

  • Solution

Forget about the marks and focus on writing an essay that is worth reading. Your teacher does not expect you to write like a professional but instead wants to ensure that you have understood the assignment and the topic. When you start writing for yourself and not focus on the marks is when you become an ideal student.

Being obsessed with essay writing is very common in students. If you are one of them, it is time to identify the issues and solve them before the obsession takes the better of you.

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