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Yoga is one of the best ways to keep shape up the body, cut the fatigue and also focus on the work. In the recent years, yoga at workplace has been on the increase because both employees and the employers are recognizing the fact that in order to excel and be focused, nothing can help like Yoga. No doubt this 3000 year old practice has been regaining the ground to enhance the productivity and performance of the employees.Image result for Yoga Teacher Training Course - An account

Why Yoga At Workplace?

Believe it or not, half of the employees find it difficult to focus on the work simply because their back hurts after sitting at work for long hours. Because of the back pain, the focus level drops down whereas the frustration level because of the work pressure increases. There have been several studies conducted which suggest that yoga at workplace increases the concentration level. Some of the employers who yet do not know the power of yoga might argue that to take out 50 minutes to one hour spare in the office time for Yoga session will kill the time and that work gets affected. However, on the contrary, yoga rejuvenates the body and mind of the employees which makes them active and agile. In this way the employees take less than average time to complete the work.

Types of Courses

200 Hours Of Training – Under this training session, Hatha-Vinyasa form is included which is most basic form of yoga and at the same time for those who have just started to learn. 200 Yoga TTC is for those who want to be fit and at the same time want to attain the certification for offering training courses to others. Basic things which one can learn in 200 hours of training are Pranayams, Kriyas, Meditation, Anatomy, various types of Mudras. Further, right type of methodology and mudras aew also taught under this course. Within the course, the providers would offer accommodation, Course material, Yoga Props and various other facilities like wi-fi.

300 Hours of Training

Once you have completed the 200 hours of yoga training, proceed to the 300 hours of Yoga training which is ideally the second stage of the yoga session. Main areas on which this course focuses are therapeutic yoga, advance asana practices, hatha vinyasa. The second stage is all about the in depth known how of all the practices that you have learned in the 200 hours of training. Meditation is something that comes after much practice and should be done under the supervision of an expert. Here, in 300 hours of the practice, everything that you learn is a step ahead of what you have learned in the 200 hours.

500 Hours of Training – This is the advanced level of Yoga which comes after one the completion of the 200 and 300 hours of training. Under this course, the details are given beforehand to the students and aspiring teachers who want to learn Yoga in depth and impart the knowledge to others.

Ashtanga Hatha – This is the general form of yoga which offers the most basic asanas and inclusive of all, this yoga style includes almost all the asanas and meditation styles. Under Hatha class, usually the gentle asanas are taught which are best for the students or those who want to start at the beginner level.

Vinyasa flow – If we translate Vinyasa, it is arranging something in a specific way. In this training, the students are taught how to coordinate in every movement, starting from one pose and ending to other. Vinyasa flow includes everything from Baptiste Yoga to Jivaukti and Power yoga.


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